Flu Clinic, 2014

We will once again be able to provide a student flu vaccine clinic. 
This year it will be on Friday, October 17th. 

Instead of printing out multiple copies of the flu permission forms, we would like parents to access the forms here for download
(We will have a few printed forms available in the Conners and Emerson offices for those unable to access them via the web)

If you wish to have your child vaccinated here, you MUST do all of these steps.

1. Sign your child up using the online form below or by clicking this Flu Registration linkThis will alert us that you have signed up your child, so we can contact you if we do not get a returned permission form from your child.

2. Download the Flu Clinic Documents which contain Vaccine Information Statements for either the intranasal vaccine 
or the injectable vaccine and read it carefully.

3. The Flu Clinic Documents also contain the  Health Screen and Permission Form. 
Please print a copy of this permission form and answer ALL the questions and fill in EVERY box. 

If the form is not completely filled in, it will need to be returned to you and this may delay vaccine administration. Insurance information is needed to input data into the Maine Immunization Registry, and not for charging for the vaccine.

4. Send the completed Health Screen and Permission Form to school with your child Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 . We will NOT be able to accept any  permission forms after that date due to vaccine ordering that needs to be done beforehand.

Flu Clinic Sign Up 2014

Rick Barter,
Oct 1, 2014, 12:07 PM