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Culmination of the 100 day Burpee Challenge! (Google it!)

posted Dec 12, 2012, 12:43 PM by Mike Zboray

For the past 100 days, beginning on the fist day of school, 4 members of the Conners Emerson School staff, plus one for a while, has taken part in the Burpee Challenge.  Mr. Z, Officer Tim, Mrs. Gaston, student teacher Ms. Aripotch and Ms. Colby, who unfortunately could not finish due to injury, have been adding one burpee a day since the start of school until they got to 100.  12/12/12 is that day. Fourth graders helped Mrs. Gaston and Ms. Airpotch finish their final Burpee’s of the day. Though Ms. Colby could not finish, she took her Trimester 1 Health along for the ride.  Now a very fit bunch the 100 day Challengers will enjoy a few days rest before embarking on another fitness challenge, making sure they find time everyday for physical activity. Congratulations Burpee Graduates!!  And Thank You Ms. Colby for spurring us on!