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Grandfriends' Day Info - 1st Grade

posted May 24, 2011, 11:52 AM by Siobhan Ryan
May 2011

Dear Parents,

Our grandparent celebration is scheduled for Friday, May 27.  Each classroom will come to the library individually:

1:00-1:30  McKay

1:40-2:10  Barter

2:20-2:50  Young

If your child has a grandparent or grandfriend who lives nearby, we would love to have them join our celebration.  We recognize that most likely we will have only a small number of grandfriends who are able to attend.  That is fine, because the purpose of the day is to celebrate and remember these people!  In addition to grandparents, we would love to have parents attend as well.  During our celebration we will enjoy snacks while we view the slideshow of first graders and their grandfriends.  Student’s hand drawn portraits of their “grandfriends” will be on display.

One last thing, we have always had simple snacks at this celebration  (cheese, crackers, fruit, cookies, cupcakes or brownies) but we could really use your help!  If you would like to contribute, please let us know on the form below.

Feel free to call either of us with any questions (288-3631 Carol Rosinski -Ext. 1007, Siobhan Ryan- Ext. 1040), or e-mail Ms. Rosinski at crosinski@mdirss.org.).
Please return the bottom of this paper to your child’s classroom teacher by Monday, May 23.

Thank you!

Carol Rosinski and Siobhan Ryan

Child’s Name ______________________________________

Child’s Teacher_____________________________________

     _______________ will be attending the celebration with my child.
     (Number of Guests)

Want to contribute a snack to the celebration? 
Please let us know what you will bring:

mini cupcakes            cookies        cheese and crackers

fruit                    brownies        other