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November 9

Conners Emerson School 
As a school community, we are dedicated to the values of fairness, compassion, honesty, responsibility, respect and courtesy that contribute to a positive, diverse, safe and caring learning environment.  
Dr. Janger visits Miss Picker's classroom.
Value of the Week: Compassion
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Principal's Note
Drop-Off and Pick-Up
Thanksgiving Baskets
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Website Feedback
Dates to Remember
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Because we have a student with a (severe) shellfish allergy, we are a shellfish-free school. 


This means that no student or staff member should bring into the school any shellfish or food containing shellfish. This includes lobster, crab, mussel, clam etc.


Principal's Note

Dear Parents and Students,


The month of November at CES will include a number of student activities. The first one has already taken place with a mock election held at school. Check out the results on our home page, our students 'voices' were very similar to the nation as whole with their voting preferences.


Our next event will be Friday, November 9th; students may wear hats and teachers may wear jeans, as we raise money for the Red Cross' relief effort for those affected by 'Sandy'.


We continue our generous spirit of supporting our community by making our traditional Thanksgiving Food Baskets. Please see below for specifics.


Finally, on November 20th, our students will be involved in Special Needs Awareness Day. During the day students will participate in 3 of 12 specific activities, which 'simulate' a different special needs challenge. Stations include a wheelchair for mobility, wearing head phones while listening to someone talk, for the hard of hearing, wearing socks on your hands and trying to make a peanut butter sandwich for those with fine motor issues, to name a few. If you would like to be part of any of these events please contact your child's teacher for specific times and locations.





Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Please remember that morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up are to be done at the new Eden Street drop-off area.  If you would like to walk your child in, please use the designated parking area at Kids' Corner. 

Also, parents are asked to wait in the "Parent Waiting Area" in front of the Conners Building when picking up your children after school.  We must keep the sidewalk clear at all times so that students can get to their buses.



Please help us - Help others during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Each year the school collects food for the local food bank. Our hope is to provide 40 boxes of food for 40 families to enjoy this holiday. Students will be gathering in mixed grade level groups (community groups) to decorate boxes and placemats on Wednesday, November 14th from 2:00-2:45.


Each grade level has been assigned a particular food item or category. We ask that you follow along in order to make sure we provide a complete meal for the families we are supporting.


Many thanks in advance for your help - please feel free to stop by and see our 'community groups' in action.



         K- Cereal or biscuit/roll mix

         1- Pie crust or sweet bread mix

         2- Canned vegetables

         3- Canned fruit or pie filling

         4- Small canned meats; peanut butter

         5- Pasta, prepared sauce or gravy

         6- Cranberry Sauce, soups

         7- Staples (coffee, sugar, flour)

         8- Stuffing, potato mix


Food may be brought in any time next week - remember we need to gather the food items on Wednesday the 14th.





PTSA Notes
The next PTSA sponsored activity will be family Arts & Crafts Night on Thursday November 15th from 6:00 - 7:00.  This is a FREE EVENT open to all ages. If you are interested in helping please contact Leslyn Shea -
The next PTSA meeting will be our annnual budget/election meeting on Tuesday November 27th at 6:30 in the Emerson Library.  Meetings are open to all.  You DO need to be a member in order to vote for officers.  This is the proposed slate of elected officials:
  • President - outgoing Leslyn Shea, incoming Heidi Hambrecht
  • Vice President - Krisit Losoquadro 
  • Treasurer - outgoing Phyllis Leighton (AFTER 18 YEARS! ) incoming Edith Korstanje
  • Secretary - OPEN

Looking forward to seeing you on the 15th and the 27th!


~Bar Harbor PTSA

Community News
This Friday, November 9th, will be a hat and jean day. .This is to raise money to help people from Hurricane Sandy.
The 8th graders are sponsoring a PIE SALE at the Bar Harbor Congregational Church Parking Lot on November 10th from 8:00 AM-noon. Pies are $15.00 each.  Help support the 8th grade class trip!  The 8th grade students are also raising money for their class trip by collecting returnable cans and bottles through the Clynk program.  Anyone wishing to donate cans and bottles may contact Angie Chamberlain at or 266-9336 for pick up or for Clynk bags and stickers.  Thanks for any help you can give!

Two childcare options are available at the MDI YMCA on Veterans Day - Monday, November 12th. The Y is offering children in grades 3 and over a trip to the UMO Climbing wall. The Y is also offering in-house childcare for kids in grades K - 6. Call the Y to register at 288-3511. or


Please be advised that the Conners/Emerson School menu is now on line only.  We will not be passing out paper menus to students from now on.

Website Feedback 

Thank you to all who have filled out our website survey. We have 40 responses thus far, and have learned some important things.  
If you would like to see a summary of the feedback, please click here.

Also, a quick note about a few suggestions from respondents:
  • The lunch menu is currently being shown weekly as the federal regulations have changed, and Nykki is learning a new system to meet the federal "new meal pattern".  It is a complex system, and currently is too difficult to plan a month ahead. 
  • Teacher pages are currently at the discretion of the teacher.  Some respondents suggested that volunteers might help with updating teacher pages. If this is something that you would like to do, please contact  the teacher directly.  
  • We stopped linking directly to email from our contact page to try to cut down on spam.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Once again, thank you for your feedback. We have found it valuable.   

Dates to Remember