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Tumble Books

Have you tried Tumble Books?  If not, you are in for a treat!  
Click here to choose a book you would like to listen to, or read along with.

Posted by Kim Smallidge on 3/7/11; 8:46:52 AM from the dept.

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Fun with Tangrams

Tangrams are 7 piece puzzles.  The first Tangrams came from Ancient China.  This week we are going to explore virtual Tangrams.  Click here to start.

Posted by Kim Smallidge on 2/7/11; 11:23:25 AM from the dept.

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Have you played with Pattern Blocks?

This week we are going to review shapes and make patterns and pictures with virtual pattern blocks. I made the picture above out of pattern blocks.  What do you think it looks like?
Click here to get started.

Posted by Kim Smallidge on 2/3/11; 11:21:25 AM from the dept.

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Can you finish the pattern?

Welcome back to Tech Class!

You might remember that in the beginning of the year we learned a lot about TuxPaint.  You learned how to make uppercase letters on the keyboard as well as an excitement mark by using the shift key.  Do you remember that?  We hope so!

This time tech class is going to focus on websites that let you practice things you are doing in your classroom.  We also want to make sure that you know how to start up a web browser from the dock, use the back arrow, the refresh arrow, and be able to quit out of an application.  You'll get a lot of practice with those skills!

For our first class back, we thought we'd revisit the pattern website.  

Click here to make simple patterns.
Click here to make growing patterns.
Click here if you are really, really good at the first two sites!

~Mrs. Smallidge and Mr. Barter
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